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Workshops allow recipients to focus on seeing themselves as separate from their history. Like a substitute parent, this program is the most popular for the reason that it helps the individual acknowledge their unique strengths.

Economic Privilege

Many foster youth want to see good things in their future and live up to positive expectations. When one proves his competence it increases the potential for positive outcomes. Youth are given a check-list to complete before and after they emancipate.  Some tasks are silly and take a day to complete while other tasks are serious and take several years to complete. It is intended to aid them through maturation. Youth can start in a group and compare notes years later.


Acknowledges that many of these teens will one day become parents themselves. In essence, it helps them concentrate on what they can do to break patterns of survival and ineffective habits inherited from their upbringing.


With the iWork program, youth are given an overview of the purpose and contents of a resume and cover letter. The team also discusses what to wear during an interview and the reason for these standards. In order to improve their confidence in obtaining employment youth are given mock interviews.  A professional resume boosts the confidence of teens whether they are seeking summer employment or jobs after emancipation.  As a solution-oriented organization Positive Resistance has also partnered with job placement agencies, allowing youth, over the age of eighteen, to build their resume by working temporarily.

Services and Partnerships

Get the Presidential Volunteer Service Award!

In 2004, Positive Resistance was approved and listed as a certifying organization for the Presidential Volunteer Service Award by a council chaired by Darrell Green and honorary co-chairs Bob Dole and John Glenn. Both foster youth and volunteers of Positive Resistance are eligible to receive an award from the President, commending their service to the community.

REMEMBER: Community service looks great on your resume and college application!

Youth can build job experience volunteering. The YMCA, YWCA, neighborhood Boys & Girls Club, Salvation Army and local convalescent hospitals all need your help.



Our Mission

The mission of Positive Resistance is to exclusively support and develop the resilience of youth maturing in the foster care system.

Donate to Our Cause

You can be an ambassador of hope and make a tax deductable donation where dollar for dollar supports our programs and allows us to empower foster youth.

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